Kyaa “Numero” Kool Hai Hum!!

Posted on Aug 4 2012 - 5:32am

‘KSKHH’ rakes in moolah 1024x685

By Sanjay B Jumaani

Congratulation to the trio of Ekta, Tusshar & Riteish for the success of their recently released “Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum”. Even though the critics have panned the film, it has emerged to be one of the biggest entertainers of the 65th (2; Moon) year of independence; just like the predictions had forecasted. Also, because Moon lends creativity to the Number 2, the year is proving to be successful for the creative industry of Bollywood.

In addition, Riteish Dekhmukh’s faith in Numerology has paid off. We had predicted that his name totals a struggling number. And the predictions came true. He remained a struggling actor till the time his name was changed to “Riteish” Deshmukh. Also, Number 5 is lucky for him. It is the Number of his better half Genelia (5th August), who is also a “Fire” sign, just like him. In fact, he got married in 2012; which again adds to 5.


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