So, what went wrong between Amy & Prateik?

Posted on Aug 10 2012 - 2:59am

Prateik Babbar Amy Jackson

Reports of a brewing romance between Amy Jackson & Prateik, the lead pair of the movie “Ekk Deewana Tha”, is not new. However, another report that has been circulating in the media is of their recent fallout between the two. And now, we bring to you the reason for their ‘supposed’ break-up.

Reportedly, Amy is very ambitious as far as her career is concerned. But Prateik is proving to be quite a hindrance in her progress. Well, at least Amy prefers to think so. A source reveals, “Prateik hangs around Amy’s sets, a habit which is not liked by the actress. They are certainly friends, but Amy can’t think of a future with Prateik.”

Another reason which is being said to result in the break-up is that Amy has bagged “Robot” director Shankar’s upcoming movie while Prateik has nothing solid happening as far as his acting career is concerned. As they say, “A candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” And the saying can be held true for the couple.

As long as they were in the relationship; they were quite open about it. However, they couldn’t even manage the relationship for a year. What say, fellas?

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