Shy Shahid turns social for people

Posted on Aug 20 2012 - 11:52am

Shahid 682x1024

Bollywood superstar Shahid Kapoor has been in the industry for quite some years now. But despite of being hugely popular, Shahid has always comes as this shy-guy who refrains from opening up in public. He has always been a very private person who hardly socializes like other young actors.

“I am inherently very shy. Even socially, my first nature is to keep to myself,” confessed Shahid. But often his shyness has been mistaken for arrogance which troubled him a lot and he revealed that he had to change himself to change people’s perception about him.

“I am shy but now when I go to parties, I have learnt to become more talkative as I find that people used to assume I’m arrogant and have an attitude. I realized that it’s important, now that I am an actor, for people to feel comfortable around me. So I make that effort to talk to people,” said Shahid about his changed social attitude.

But in person he continues to be the shy lad who strictly sticks to his business without fidgeting in other matters.

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