Sharmila confirms Saifeena’s wedding details

Posted on Jul 23 2012 - 6:31am

Sharmila confirms Saifeena’s wedding details

While superstar couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor has been refusing to confirm the minute details of their impending year end wedding, Saif’s mother Sharmila Tagore recently confirmed quite a few sizzling details of the extravaganza. She who has already started the preparations will go to the ancestral Pataudi town after Eid. “There is no point to go to Bhopal during Ramazan. I will go after Eid, Inshaallah!!” said Sharmila who however added that the venue is not fixed yet “The venue will be Pataudi or Mumbai.

With Tiger passing away, we want a very quiet wedding. Saif Miyan is the busiest man on the planet. He wants to do the wedding in Pataudi but apparently Kareena’s parents want it in Mumbai,” added Sharmila. She further confirmed that Kareena will not only wear her wedding attire that will be modified, she also confirmed the wedding date “Kareena will be wearing the royal clothes and the jewelry that I wore. But there is a lot of work to be done still. I am giving a warning to Saif. I am confirming that the wedding will take place on October 16,” concluded Sharmila.

She however also confirmed that the couple will get hitched with a registered marriage.

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