Shanghai: No Show?

Posted on Jun 8 2012 - 5:34pm

Shanghai Movie Review3 708x1024

It has been acclaimed by the critics. However, the response Shanghai received at the box office was dull. It has opened to mixed reviews from the audience. People coming out of the movie theatres were not satisfied with the film. Some said they expected a lot more. While others complained that the story was very predictable. The silver lining for the film can be the performances rendered by the actors. Everyone has been praising Emraan Hashmi for his character. He was everyone’s favourite. Also, people have noticed Abhay Deol for his portrayal of a South Indian “Sarkari Babu.”

However, the film hasn’t lived up to what was expected from it. Social networking site, Twitter, has become a platform for people to express their views. And they are doing so with complete freedom. There was a tweet which congratulated Dibakar Banerjee for giving Emraan Hashmi his first flop. Another tweet said that the film has been dragged for two hours around a single line story. However, this was just the first day. We hope the movie is accepted by the audience as the days pass by.

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