Shahid has a stalker!!

Shahid is all game for love 583x1024


Bollywood actresses are immensely famous amongst the masses and often their craze hit the peak when various stalkers follow their favorite Bollywood babe everywhere. Just recently it was Vidya balan’s stalker that had left her troubled and anxious. However similar incident has hit Vidya’s once good friend Shahid Kapoor who has been stalked for by a Bollywood aspirant. The upcoming actress has done B-grade films and leads a troubled life citing the failure in personal and professional lives.


The stalker girl is said to be the daughter of a veteran actor. It was his death that had left her troubled that had led to some mentally disturbed emotions in her. She has been following him everywhere but Shahid didn’t react strongly as he was he was aware of her troubled life as well. But recently when she fooled the security personnel and reached his door steps he had to call up security guards to ward her off.


As they say being famous and handsome is not easy Shahid!!!

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