OMG Oh My God – Movie Review

Posted on Sep 28 2012 - 10:21am

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Starring – Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, Govind Namdev, Mithun Chakraborthy

Director – Umesh Shukla

Producer – Akshay Kumar, Ashvini Yardi, Paresh Rawal

Banner – Grazing Goat Productions, Playtime Creations, Spice Studios, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

Genre – Comedy

Music – Himesh Reshammiya, Anjjan – Meet Bros, Sachin – Jigar

Rating – ***

By Prerrna Seth / Kreative Access Media

Plays are a good platform to test run scripts. Paresh Rawal made his hit and famous Gujarati play ‘Kanji Vs Kanji’ into a film with a few enhancements and elaboration. Kanji (Paresh Rawal) is an atheist and spreads a rumour about god. Just after he spreads the rumour, an earthquake hits Mumbai and the only thing that has damaged is his shop at Chor Bazaar. Now, the insurance company rejects his claim stating the earthquake as an ‘act of God’. Kanji now wants his money back from God and so files a court case against him. A legal notice is sent to all spiritual gurus and swamijis who claim to be people’s mode to reach the almighty. Now it’s Kanji Vs the God that has the all nations attention.

Akshay Kumar’s ‘OMG Oh My God’ gives a wonderful message and is a delightful comedy, and also very gutsy. As spoofing on spiritual leaders who have lakhs and lakhs of followers is not an easy job. Poonam Jhawer plays Gopi Maiyaa, wears expensive sarees, gets her nail buffed and filed during important meetings. Mithun Chakraborty hilariously plays Leeladhar Swami hilariously portraying Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his mannerisms by the way he dances and moves his fingers on his hair. Every time he comes on screen, its a treat for the audiences. Govind Namdev plays the angry Siddheshwar Maharaj who also has been made fun of. Kanji bhai brings out the truth behind the preachings of these so-called leaders and opens your eyes to the amount of milk, oil and fruits that we are wasting when we offer it to stones in the name of deities. He says, instead, we should give these to the needy and then God will really be happy.

Akshay Kumar plays Lord Krishna who comes to earth to guide Kanji bhai in his fight. Now, why is god helping an atheist is better to be found out only after you watch the film. Paresh Rawal plays the central character and carries the film completely on his shoulders. There is no doubt about his acting prowess. Akshay Kumar shines in whatever little he has to do. Mithun Da is super impressive while Govind Namdev does his job well. Poonam Jhawer is okay while the rest of the supporting cast is apt.

There are portions where the characters look like caricatures and you feel like you are watching a play and not a film. Production quality is relatively low. Music of the film is decent with ‘Mere Nishan’ standing out. Sonakshi Sinha and Prabhu Deva’s ‘Go Go Govinda’ is interesting and a pleasant addition.

Overall, the film gives a good message of being ‘God Loving rather than God fearing’ and so should not be missed. However, if you are more fond of plays, go watch the play.

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