Manoj “Bharat” Kumar returns

Manoj Kumar

Well, looks like it’s a season for comebacks in Bollywood. After news of Sridevi, Preity Zinta & Jackie Shroff making their comebacks, it is now time for yesteryear star Manoj Kumar to make his comeback to Bollywood. Reports are that Manoj Kumar is ready to make a comeback as a director after a hiatus of more than two decades. The actor is ready with the script & the film will reportedly star Akshay Kumar in the lead role. Speaking about Akshay, Manoj said, “Akshay respects me a lot. In his film “Namaste London” he said: if you want to know what India is all about, what “Purab Aur Pachhim”. Going by Akshay’s previous records, we wonder, is it another 100 crore film in the making?


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