Kshay (Corrode) – Movie Review

Posted on Jun 14 2012 - 9:27pm

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Starring – Alekh Sangal, Rasika Dugal

Director – Karan Gour

Genre – Thriller

Rating – ****

By Prateek Singh / Kreative Access Media

“Kshay” is an Indian indie psychological thriller directed by Karan Gour. However, Karan doesn’t restrict himself to mere directing the film. He even edits & adds the background score to the film. And he does justice to every role he plays. The hard work & dedication that the entire team has put in is evident in the film (The pre-production of the film started in 2007.) However, the film, in itself, is a great entertainer. You would think twice before blinking an eye. Such is the intensity of the film. And the accolade the film has received throughout the various film festivals around the world, speaks for itself.

“Kshay” is based on the life of a couple; Arvind (Alekh Sangal) & Chhaya (Rasika Dugal). However, the financial conditions at home are not smooth. Busy in their lives, Chhaya spots an unfinished sculpture of Goddess Lakshmi & desires of having it. But soon, the desire turns into an obsession for Chhaya & starts affecting her personal life & relation with Arvind. The story unfolds with Chhaya’s obsession for the statue increasing & slowly but steadily corroding her life instead. The story is a take on the obsession with money in order to lead a happy life. The script is tight & very well written. It is haunting & also has the ability to hold the audience for the entire 92 minutes of the film. It is a huge achievement in itself.

The characters are very real who are busy fighting the battle for a satisfying living. The cast has done an excellent job with the lead characters standing out in the film. Both Alekh Sangal & Rasika Dugal have given splendid performances. Alekh portrays the role of a not-so-satisfied-with-his-life husband with ease. While Rasika, on the other hand, emotes exceptionally well. In fact, in the scenes where there are no dialogues for her, she communicates through her eyes. The supporting cast, too, has done a good job. Also, the background score which is again done by Karan Gour is haunting. It adds the creepiness to the film, which works well. The cinematographer Abhinay Khoparzi must be commended too. And owing to good editing, the film also maintains a good pace. Also, despite the low budget of the film, it is technically perfect.

Overall, the film is a great watch for those who desire something more than entertainment. Yes, it is an indie film but promises entertainment which many blockbusters fail to provide the audience with. It is not often that you get an opportunity to watch such films in theatres. “Kshay” is truly one of a kind, which if missed, might be an event to regret for life.

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