Gattu – Movie Review

Posted on Jul 18 2012 - 3:20pm

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Starring – Mohammad Samad, Naresh Kumar, Jayanta Das

Director – Rajan Khosa

Producer – Children Film Society India

Music – Sandesh Shandilya

Genre – Children

Rating – *** ½

By Kreative Access Media

Ever experienced the joy of flying a kite which soars high in the sky without any worldly fear or worry? Such is the story & narration of the film. “Gattu” is a fresh take on the lives of the poor, illiterate street kids without emphasising their pains & sufferings. It highlights the activities in which these children indulge themselves to get away from the sufferings they go through in their personal lives. And for “Gattu”, this activity is flying a kite.

The film is about Gattu (Mohammad Samad), who dresses in shabby clothes & does odd jobs for his strict uncle Anees Bhai (Naresh Kumar), in the Himalayan foothills of Roorkee. However, despite all the difficulties in his life, Gattu experiences joy in flying kites. His ultimate goal is to cut “Kaali”, which has been enjoying the title of an undisputed king in the entire area for years as no other kite has ever managed to cut Kaali’s glass-coated string. Gattu is determined to overpower it & emerge a king replacing Kaali. The story revolves around this dream of Gattu & how it turns out to be much more constructive than mere cutting Kaali’s string. The script is very compact & the narration, joyous, funny & enlightening without being preachy.

The performances in the film are par excellence with all the characters doing justice to their respective roles. Mohammad Samad as Gattu plays the character of a naughty orphan with great conviction. Those sparkling eyes emote much better than many A-list actors. Naresh Kumar, who plays Gattu’s stern uncle, is applaud-able. He is fiery in one scene & warm in the next. The love-hate relationship he shares with Gattu is worth mentioning. Also, Jayanta Das has done a good job playing a strict Principal who follows the motto of “Satyameva Jayate”. The supporting cast, too, has done a decent job to carry the story forward. Be it the guy who works with Gattu for Anees Bhai or the children in school, each one of them have played their part well.

On the whole, “Gattu” is a must watch if you are looking for something fresh. It offers simple joys which are enough to put a smile across your face for the entire 82 minutes of the film. Yes, it is a film on the street kids but you are going to be let down if you are expecting a “Slumdog Millionaire” as this is something different & good in its own refreshing way.

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