Esha ready to get bolder onscreen

Posted on Jul 30 2012 - 1:59pm

 Esha Gupta at the premiere of Jannat 2 at Diera City Centre Dubai

In her very first film, newbie Esha Gupta was quite bold in compared to her other contemporaries. The actress didn’t only donned skimpy outfits but also did quite a lot love making scenes and lip locks with her co-star Emraan Hashmi in ‘Jannat 2’. Recently when she was caught up at a fashion event, it was here that she confessed that she has no inhibition on getting bolder onscreen.

Though she didn’t have to don any bikini in her debut film but she says that if script demands she is ready to flaunt her curvaceous body.  “Clichéd as it sounds but I’ll go by the demands of role. If it’s a beach shot, I won’t think twice before donning a bikini, but wearing a bikini in a drawing room, why would I say yes to that ever?,” said Esha over bikinis. And when probed over lip locks and steamy scenes, she added that it’s high time people stop making a hue and cry over it.

“I think there’s too much fuss being made over lip locks and bikinis. Times have changed, Bollywood has changed and haven’t we as people too changed? So, why such a brouhaha over a kiss or a lovemaking scene? I for one do not believe in double standards,” stated Esha clearly.

So going by her statements it is assumable that she wouldn’t shy away from getting bolder in her films.  


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