Challo Driver – Movie Review

Posted on Jul 19 2012 - 1:15pm


Starring –  Kainaz Motivala, Vickrant Mahajan

Director – Vickrant Mahajan

Producer – Ronicka Khandhari, Vickrant Mahajan

Banner – Orange Canvas Productions

Music – Gaurav Dayal, Sajjad Ali Chandwani

Genre – Comedy

Rating – **

By Kreative Access Media

“Challo Driver” is all about those people who attempt to do an unusual job. In fact, the film starts with a quote which states it is dedicated to such people. However, the makers have failed to do justice to an otherwise refreshing concept. The film eventually turns out to be an average but very predictable one as it has nothing new to offer. It could have been much better had the script been tighter.

The film is based in Delhi where Tanya (Kainaz Motivala) aspires to start an adventure travel agency for her parents. And in its pursuit, she tries her hands at numerous jobs quitting most of them. She finally settles for working as a driver for a business tycoon Arjun Kapoor (Vickrant Mahajan) as she gets a handsome pay at the end of the month. However, her boss Arjun is very stern & doesn’t enjoy Tanya’s bubbly nature. The story unfolds with the two developing an unusual relationship.

The performances are average with none of the characters making their presence felt. Vickrant does an okay job with his role as a strict & focused businessman. However, he appears to be monotonous throughout the film. Kainaz plays her part well. Manoj Pahwa is a surprise package in the film & steals the show whenever he is in the frame. But no other character manages to catch the eye. The concept is catchy but a loose script turns the film into an average one when it could have easily been much better. Vickrant Mahajan must be commended for taking all the major responsibilities on his own shoulders. He has conceptualised the story, written the screenplay, penned the songs, produced the film & played the lead character in the film. And he does a decent job with all the roles he plays. Also, music in the film is above average & works pretty well with the script.

“Challo Driver” is a film which has a story that is full of potential but an amateur treatment to the film lets the audience down. Call it the lack of a good script or the inexperience of the director. However, “Challo Driver” is definitely worth a watch & it is not something which lets you down completely. It is a decent attempt at filmmaking & might just work considering the multiplex era of the Indian cinema.

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